11 Surprising Benefits of OM Chanting

‘OM’ – The Primordial Sound. The Sound that reverberates in the entire universe. If there can can just one mantra that we can recommend to chant, it is the OM mantra. Here are some physical, emotional and mental health benefits of chanting OM mantra. If you are planning to practice OM, we recommend that you should at least chant OM for 21 mins daily in the morning, before starting with your daily chores. At this time, the vibrations can reach very deep inside our body and its immensely helpful. So, starting with the benefits.

1. It brings calm and removes the stress

2. It purifies the environment around you.

3. It detoxifies the body

4. It improves body’s immunity

5. It regulates the blood pressure

6. It regulates the heart beat

7. It relieves all the tension in the body and mind.

8. It strengthens the spinal cord

9. It activates the Third Eye and thus improves our intuitive powers

10. Its also beneficial for our vocal chords and strengthens our throat.

11. It cleanses the skin by removing the toxins from inside our body. It activates internal cleansing mechanism.





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