Crown Chakra seed mantra  ‘Ahhh’ Chants

This is part of Magical Chants for 7 Chakra : Available Here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOiuoRrZRwQ&list=PLsuCfYXzi5DLl__IgNDMh05plhWswdVXX


7 Chakras Cyclic Chanting Meditation : Root Chakra to Crown Chakra to Root Chakra.

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The idea here is to go in a cyclic way from Root Chakra to Crown Chakra chants, and then back to Root Chakra and so on. And each chant is chanted in the frequency pertaining to that chakra.

Below are some More Details

1. Root Chakra – LAM chants.

2. Sacral Chakra – VAM Chants

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – RAM Chants

4. Heart Chakra – YAM Chants

5. Throat Chakra – HAM Chants

6. Third Eye Chakra – OM Chants

7. Crown Chakra – AH Chants

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Best of Mantra Chanting Meditations, Part1

Best of All the Mantra Chanting Meditations that we released this year. And we figured out that we could not finish it just one video. So here is part one featuring following 5 Mantras.

1. OM SO HUM : Contemplation Meditation

2. Tohi Mohi Mohi Tohi : Mantra for Positive Energy

3. RA MA DA SA JIO ( RAMDAS Meditation) : Love Vibrations

4. Green Tara Mantra : Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha

5. Dukh Par Har : Mantra for Healing Pain

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5 BEST CHANTS from 30 DAYS of CHANTS | Best of Meditative Mind | #Rewind2015

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As we are reaching the end of fabulous year 2015, Meditative Mind brings you the Very Best of Year 2015. To Start with, we choose the 5 Best Chants from the series which you all loved – 30 Days of Chants.

Here are the 5 Best Chants from this series

1. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo [ 00:00 ]
Tune Into Your Higher Self with this Awesome Mantra

2. So Mai Visar na Jaa-ee [ 06:11 ]
Mantra to Remove Anxiety

3. Wah Yantee [ 12:16 ]
Mantra of Creativity and Intuition

4. Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad [ 17:47 ]
Magic Mantra to Convert Negative to Positive

5. Hey Gobind Hey Gopal [ 23:52 ]
Mantra to Remove All Problems and bring Calm to Mind

What are your Favorite Chants from the 30 Days of Chants Series? Let us know in the comments below.

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Relaxing Morning Music with Peaceful Flute

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At Meditative Mind’s Studio, We started today’s morning by composing this flute piece, Slow and Subtle  Peaceful and Calm. There is something peacefully magical about flute, somehow, it automatically calms and relaxes the mind,  Sharing with all you beautiful souls. Hope fully this music will also calm your mornings every day.

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