Extremely Powerful Guided Meditation for Unblocking Chakras | Healing Camp 2016 | Day 16

Welcome to Day 16 of the Healing Camp 2016

We bring a very powerful and effective guided meditation for unblocking and cleansing chakras. In this meditation we especially concentrate on the thoughts, behaviors, fears which block the chakras, we become more aware of these negative stuff which is blocking our chakra system and then clean them one by one. This is an extremely powerful meditation to restore the energy flow. We recommend doing this Daily for 7 Days and see the difference in you.

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DAY #10 | So Hum Mantra Guided Meditation | Healing Camp 2016

Welcome to Day 10 of Healing Camp 2016.
Today we are doing So Hum Mantra Meditation. We will try to understand how So Hum relates to our breathing and learn to chant this very special and powerful mantra. We will also do very powerful Ajapa japa Meditation of So Hum mantra and become more aware of the entire universe of sounds inside of us.

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The Most Subtle and Most Powerful Chakra of All – The Crown Chakra Guided Meditation | Healing Camp Day #7

The Most Subtle and Most Powerful Chakra of All – The Crown Chakra Guided Meditation | Healing Camp Day #7

On Day 7 of our Healing Camp 2016, we are doing Crown Chakra Guided Meditation.

Its a very subtle chakra, but opening this chakra opens door for us to connect with our higher self, our very source. We hope this meditation will help you.

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Day #6 of HEALING CAMP 2016 | Third Eye Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

Day #6 of HEALING CAMP 2016 | Third Eye Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

Welcome to Day #6 for our Special Healing Camp 2016. Hope you are finding the Guided Meditations Helpful. We are trying to incorporate your suggestions as we make new guided meditations.

Today we did Third Eye Chakra Healing Meditation. Beautiful Indigo Chakra, the Light Chakra.

As always we started with Deep Breathing and Slowly Moved our attention to Third Eye Chakra. Its sometimes difficult to directly access the third chakra location, so we used a technique where we slowly take our attention upwards starting from Lungs to the Throat, Nose and then to the Brow Chakra.

We also connected to our inner light, via affirmations. and Then Moved to Seed Mantra Chanting Meditation. Chanting OMmmm.. As suggested by many of you, we left some gap, for you to chant OM at your own pace. And then We did Silence Meditation as the Chakra Tuning Music Played to finish our Meditation Practice.

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Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Guided Meditation | Healing Camp #3

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA GUIDED MEDITATION with Chants and Tuning Meditation  —  Manipura(in Sanskrit) or the Solar Plexus Chakra is the third primary chakra or energy center in our body. Manipura is considered the center of dynamism, energy, willpower, and achievement (Itcha shakti), which radiates prana(the life energy) throughout the entire human body. It is associated with the power of fire and digestion, as well as with the sense of sight and the action of movement. Through meditating on Manipura, one is said to attain the power to create (save) or destroy the world.

Root Chakra Guided Meditation | Healing Camp Day #1

Welcome to Year 2016. We are starting this year with Healing Camp.

For the First 7 Days we will be posting Guided Meditation for Healing 7 Chakras. These Guided Meditations will include Affirmations, Chants and Tuning Session to Heal and Balance the Chakra.

Today We will be starting with Root Chakra Healing Guided Meditation.
ROOT CHAKRA / Also known as the 1st or Root Chakra, the Muladhara (sometimes spelled as mooladhara) is considered by many to be the most important Chakra as this is the Fundamental (or Mool) Chakra. Without Balancing it, now matter how hard we try, higher chakras can not be healed / unblocked.  Located at the base of our spine, it is the root chakra that governs over our physical energies, giving us a sense of safety and security with other people and ourselves.


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