You Tried. You Failed. Here is a Mantra to Overcome Failure

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You Try You Fail
You Try You Fail
You Try You Fail
Real Failure is When you Stop Trying. PERIOD

Here is a Gurbani Mantra to Overcome Failure

thaapi-aa na jaa-ay keetaa na ho-ay.
He cannot be established, He cannot be created.

aapay aap niranjan so-ay.
He Himself is Immaculate and Pure.


We all face failures and disappointments in life, and sometimes these incidents convince us that it is the way things have to be. We do not see the light that is within us. The light which is always there, the light which was always there. Failures, Disappointments, external success, and these are not our true nature. The soul, the light that is inside us it can not be created, and can not be destroyed. Its pure and immaculate. Thats what you are inside.
Meditate on this mantra, to find that light and courage to face and overcome every failure.

~ Understand ~ Meditate ~ Chant ~ Sing Along this beautiful Mantra
~ Remember to Breathe fully and naturally.
~ Cultivate Mindfulness.
~ Enjoy the Journey.
~ Smile

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