Be Like a Flower Inside Your Heart. Fresh and Beautiful

Heart Chakra Meditation

3 Hours of specially designed Music based on Indian Raag – Ahir Bhairav with root note at 341Hz.
Instruments used Flute, Piano, Tambura and Nature Soundscape Pads

This Music has been specifically designed to Heal the Heart Chakra or Anahata. Heart Chakra resonates with the Frequency of 341Hz, and listening to music and sounds with contain this frequency, the vibrations of such music has positive effects in restoring the balance in the Heart Chakra and opening the energy blockages, thus restoring the flow of energy via Heart Chakra.

When Heart Chakra is not in balance and open we experience feelings of shyness and loneliness. We find it difficult to express love, emotions.

Join Us for More at Meditative Mind’s Youtube Channel. Click Here


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