Awaken Your Passion Center in Sleep Tonight


✜ Sacral Chakra or Swadhishthana Sleep Meditation Music features Music with Sacral Chakra vibration frequencies 288Hz, 417Hz, 210.42Hz and other Harmonics.

✜ Music composition is based on the associated Indian Classical Raaga for Sacral Chakra – Yaman.

✜ As the beautiful Morning dawns (after roughly 8 hours), the track slowly transforms to ‘Tohi Mohi Mohi Tohi’ Mantra Chanting

✜ If you are woken up early, Click on the timer to Jump to Morning Mantra : 07:54:24

✜ We Recommend that you use this Sacral Chakra Sleep Meditation Music during your sleep at night and after 8 hours of that deep sleep wake up with Peaceful and Powerful Morning Mantra – Tohi Mohi Mohi Tohi for the perfect positive energy start to the day.

Your sacral chakra is located in your lower abdomen, about one to two inches below your naval. When out of balance symptoms include—but aren’t limited to—attachment issues, sexually-related guilt, timidity, emotional volatility, hypersensitivity, and trust issues. A person can act both completely disconnected and cold towards others if this chakra is under-active or needy and emotionally dependent if the chakra is over-active. This chakra is your most important emotional center and because of this, at one time or another, most of us will experience an imbalance here.
The Sacral chakra or the second chakra is about feeling and sexuality. When it is open, your feelings flow freely, and are expressed without you being over-emotional. You are open to intimacy and you can be passionate and lively. You have no problems dealing with your sexuality. If you tend to be stiff and unemotional or have a “poker face,” the Sacral chakra is under-active. You’re not very open to people. If this chakra is over-active, you tend to be emotional all the time. You’ll feel emotionally attached to people and you can be very sexual.

Mantra : Tohi Mohi Mohi Tohi Antar Kaisa
Meaning : Oh Lord !! You are Me and I am you. What is the difference between us.

During meditation, with practice, as we let all the thoughts, worries, problems, past, future out of our mind and our systems, we give ourselves opportunity to connect with the Universal Source of All of Us, The Infinite Source of Energy, The One from where we all emerged. But we need to be able to connect with that source, And Meditation is the only way to Connect. And As we connect with that Infinite and profound source of energy, that positivity, that love, our original source, we realize that there is no difference between we two. And as we connect with our source, the Positive Energy Starts to Flow into us. The energy which is far greater that anything else. The energy which can heal diseases and heal all our pain. Which can fill our hearts with love and which can purify our minds.


We all have that special gift, we all have come from that infinite source and we all are connected. Meditation is a way for us to become conscious of that connection, that oneness. It is our Mission to bring more peace and mindfulness in people’s lives through Music for Meditation, Chakra Healing Music, Mantra Meditation and Chanting. We invite you to join us in this movement and become part of Meditative Mind Sangha by subscribing to our channel.

We are celebrating Chakra Meditation Month. Everyday we will be posting new Chakra Meditation Music, Chants and Chakra tuning music.


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