Meaning of Sufi Kalaam – Makkey Gya Gal Mukdi Nayi

One of the most simple yet profound poems by legendary Sufi Saint – Baba Bulleh Shah. This Sufi Meditation Kalaam is about removing ego from our hearts.

Kalaam/Mantra & Meaning

Makkay gayaan, gal mukdee naheenyon
Pawain sow sow jummay parrh aaeey

Going to Makkah(Mecca) will not solve our problems and we wont know the truth
Even if we offer hundreds of prayers.

Ganga gayaan, gal mukdee naheen
Pawain sow sow gotay khaeeay

Going to River Ganges will also not solve anything either,
No matter if we bathe for hundred times

Gaya gayaan gal mukdee naheen
Pawain sow sow pand parrhaeeay

Going to Gaya will also not help us to know the ultimate truth
Even if we worship 100 of times

Bulleh Shah gal taeeyon mukdee
Jadon Main nu dillon gawaeeay

Oh Bulleh Shah, this search will only end, when we will remove ego from our hearts, when we will stop thinking about ‘I’ and start thinking ourselves as one with this universe.
When we start thinking in terms of ‘I’, we separate ourselves from others. but to become one with that ultimate truth, we need to chuck that ‘I’ , that Ego. thats when the doors to ultimate peace and happiness start opening up.

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