Chakra Power Hour – Solar Plexus Chakra Energizing Music | 320 Hz Vibrations

Concept behind the CHAKRA POWER HOUR Series
This Chakra Music is especially designed such that the Root Note of the music resonates with Primary Vibrational frequency of the Chakra. Each chakra has a sound frequency with which it resonates and listening or singing or playing music in that frequency can be very helpful in removing energy blockages and balancing/healing the chakra in the Process.

About Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar Plexus – Manipura – The Third Chakra
Vowel: Oh
Frequency: 320 Hz.
Bija Mantra: Ram
Element: Fire
Shabd Sound: Roaring Fire
Energy: Power

Third chakra meditation activates and opens your power chakra.
Also called the manipura (city of jewels) chakra, it is the seat of your self and sense of unique identity.
– Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture
– Visualize a bright yellow chakra spinning between the navel and the base of the sternum, like a radiant internal sun
– As music starts, feel the subtle vibrations of the sound as if a circle of Yellow Sun Like light is emanating from your chakra and nourishing your digestive organs by soaking them with yellow, energizing light just like the external sun nourishes all life on earth
– Connect the two suns through the crown of your head
– Visualize the energy transfer between the two making your chakra spin faster
– Meditate on this ‘exchange of fire’ and feel a sense of benevolent power and confidence
– Gently open your eyes after 30 minutes


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