Chakra Power Hour – Root Chakra Energizing Music | 256 Hz Vibrations

We are delighted to announce the new series – Chakra Power Hour. Each video from Chakra Power Hour will feature 1 Hour of Chakra Empowering and Energizing Music for one Chakra at a time. Starting from Root Chakra.

Concept behind the Chakra Music we make
As you would be knowing, the music we make and produce for chakra is especially designed such that the Root Note of the music resonates with Primary Vibrational frequency of the Chakra. Each chakra has a sound frequency with which it resonates and listening or singing or playing music in that frequency can be very helpful in removing energy blockages and balancing/healing the chakra in the Process.

About Root Chakra
Root – Muladhara
Location – at the Base of the Spine
Frequency: 256 Hz.
Color : Red
Vowel: Uh
Seed Mantra: Lam
Element: Earth
Shabd Sound: Thunder/Earthquake
Energy: Grounding

First chakra meditation is where your spiritual journey starts. The first or root or mooladhara or muladhara chakra signifies root or base support.

– Sit comfortably in your normal meditation posture
– Feel your pelvic bones anchored to the earth
– Visualize a red spinning chakra at the base of your spine. If it helps, you can gaze at the picture of Red Flowers in this video or you can go out in nature and see some red colored flowers.
– As music starts, feel the subtle vibrations of the sound at the base of your spine.
– You can chant LAM silently if you would like, as this is seed mantra of the Root Chakra
– End the Meditation by Rubbing your Hands together and then putting them over your eyes, and slowly opening your eyes.
– We would recommend atleast 30 minutes of this Meditation daily for a week to balance Root Chakra for the beginners


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