Quick Heal Chakras – Sacral Chakra or Swadhisthana

Owing to amazing success to our Miraculous Healing for Chakras Series, we are now publishing shorter versions(10 minutes) of those videos, for people who would like to include meditation into their busy schedule. Meditating just for 10 minutes twice a day can bring lot of inner peace and help in stress relief.

How to Meditate using this video.
Sit Comfortably and close you eyes. As the music plays, bring the attention to the Sacral Chakra spot, which is located at the end of the spine near genitals. As you breathe in, imagine that you are taking orange energy in, and as you breathe out imagine that you are pushing all the dark energy and pain out of your body. Feel the vibrations of the music at the spot of Sacral Chakra.

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Sound Therapy and Healing is one of the most effective way to Heal and Balancing Chakras. Every Chakra has a specific frequency at which it resonates. When we repeatedly listen to these frequency and meditate along with the music in a particular frequency which is attuned to a Chakra, that chakra starts healing and starts getting balanced.

This track has been specifically designed and composed using the fundamental frequency of the Sacral Chakra as the root note. And rest are harmonies or derived frequencies.
Also Orange/Saffron color is the fundamental Color of Root Chakra. So Seeing more Orange or Saffrom color, brings Sacral Chakra to Balance.
♡ Clearing, balancing, and opening your sacral chakra can help you regain your joie de vivre. It’ll get your life juices and creative juices flowing, and that makes your life–juicier! –


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