Healing Music for All 7 Chakras Meditation

Instant Healing Music for All 7 Chakras Meditation ( Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown )

Many of you asked for a single video for all seven chakras, and videos that are of smaller duration. We can understand that sometimes time can be limiting. Here is a video featuring music + sounds of primary element of each chakra and we have tried to cover all the chakras in 20 minutes. We hope that this will help people.

How to Meditate using this video.
If you are new to chakra system, we recommend that you watch the entire video, so that you get to know chakras, and how to balance each one of those. Once you know, how this works, you can just meditate along with the video. Follow the gong as you move to next chakra.(From Root to Crown). After each gong the music will change in the frequency to match with the Chakra frequency and also the sound of elements will change.

Do share and spread, if you think it will help others.


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