Symptoms of Root Chakra Blockage & How to Unblock it?

Root Chakra is the first of our 7 Chakras. And Its very important to heal, Open and Balance the Root Chakra first, before moving to any other Chakra.
♡ Symptoms of Root Chakra Blockage
– Emotional Symptoms include feeling fear, anxiety and being worrisome. Lack of confidence. Being restless and not being able to feel peace within. You tend to waiver a lot and have difficulties in making decisions and sticking to them.

– Physical Symptoms include Lower Back pain, Sciatica Pain and general Tiredness.

– You may experience Money problems and lot of stress related to financial stability. General Lack of stability in your life also indicates unbalanced Root Chakra.

♡ How to Heal, Unblock and Balance Root Chakra?
Sound Therapy and Healing is one of the most effective way to Heal and Balancing Chakras. Every Chakra has a specific frequency at which it resonates. When we repeatedly listen to these frequency and meditate along with the music in a particular frequency which is attuned to a Chakra, that chakra starts healing and starts getting balanced.

The above track has been specifically designed and composed using the fundamental frequency of the root chakra as the root note. And rest are harmonies or derived frequencies.
Also Red color is the fundamental frequency of Root Chakra. So Seeing more Red color, brings Root Chakra to Balance.
♡ Balancing and opening the root/base chakra allows negative emotions to be released, regenerating confidence and your will to move forward in life. A healthy root/base chakra promotes feelings of security and encourages exploration to find your life’s purpose and achieve success. A balanced root chakra also generates the flow of energy to all other chakras.


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