Extremely Powerful OM Chanting Meditation and How to do it?

OM symbolizes deep realities: OM Mantra itself is not a mere human invention, Rather, the OM Mantra (or AUM Mantra) is a symbol of deep realities that already exist – within all of us.

The use of OM mantra can be profound. At first, it is best to recite the mantra gently along with this track. Slowly as you get more experienced and your breathing become more calm, gentle and slow, you can practice it on your own without any external track.

The deep vibration quality is definitely experienced by anyone who has ever practiced OM Chanting or Meditation or have been sitting close to someone chanting OM. So, even if you dont have time to meditate, just having OM Chanting in the background can have a profound calming and stress relief effect on everyone around.

The insights from the OM mantra can be significant, and it is good to integrate the insights gradually with daily life. It brings a centering, balancing quality to daily life. This does not mean being in a dull, lethargic state. Rather, done well, it brings clarity of mind and a greater ability to be in the world, and selflessly serving others.

If the OM mantra is repeated just for the feeling, having no sense of meaning at all, the experience can be quite pleasant, calming, and balancing. However, if one has a sense of the deeper meanings of the mantra, and different methods of using it, then the experience can be even richer and more revealing as one progresses in yoga meditation. We will slowly go deeper into the meanings of OM meditations in our following videos. You can subscribe to our channel with the link below for the updates.


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